What Is Thought Shrapnel?

👋 Hello! I'm Doug Belshaw, and Thought Shrapnel is both a website to which I post daily and a weekly newsletter. The newsletter is a curated digest of the most interesting ideas and insights I’ve come across over the past seven days, along with some solo waffle from yours truly.

Who Should Subscribe?

You! The newsletter covers a wide range of things, but you’ll most often come across things at the intersection of technology, society, and high fashion philosophy. If that sounds like something that might pique your curiosity, then Thought Shrapnel is probably for you.

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  1. Weekly Roundup: Get the week's best posts from Thought Shrapnel, all in one place.

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  3. Professional Yet Friendly: Expect a tone that's professional, approachable, and some even say (in hushed tones) a little witty.

Frequency and Content

The newsletter appears in your email inbox, or in the Substack app every Sunday at 6am UK time. Other timezones are available, so check out what time that is for you here.

The Future

Posts on Thought Shrapnel are part of the worldwide digital commons, and so will always remain free. However, as I have done before, I may encourage readers who are able to support my work and to keep it free for everyone.

Don’t worry, the ‘perks’ won’t be more email!

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Doug Belshaw

"Don't explain your philosophy. Embody it." (Epictetus)